Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blog Block or Priorities

I just can't seem to find the time to regularly blog lately. As I look at my schedule, I wonder if it is really blog-block or a choice to set my priorities. I seem to be getting more and more involved with personal learning - both myself and working with others through professional development to setup their own. K12Online08, NECC applications, MainEducational Conference, Christa McAuliffe Conference are just a few of the venues that I am working with now. There are so many options available to teachers to assist them in their own learning that I feel it very important to try to share what little I know and these conferences seem the best way.

Of course, I depend on others blogs and videos to assist me in this - so, I am feeling guilty for not sharing much on SharonsShare these last months. I will try to be more productive.

I do want to mention a twitter application that has assisted me in organizing those 140 character tweets - Tweetdeck. Watch for a further post on that later this week.

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