Friday, September 05, 2008

Goodbye summer

School is in session - time to get back to the blogs. First week was very busy with updates on the staff pages of the new Joomla website ( and trying to solve all those little issues that pop up when students and teachers get back together. Everyone is thinking about updating skills. Here is the planned agenda for training in-house this year:
Details at

Although we pay hosting / maintenance fees for these tools, the branding and control make it worthwhile. It is still much less expensive than licensing proprietary software. We use more and more opensource solutions each year (Open Office, GIMP, Tux tools) I am anxious to watch the development of classroomns as they really get into the integration year.

What else is new? The staff is converting their websites to more static information as they move to web 2.0 tools for communicating. Google is popping up more and more - especially Calendar, Picasa and special searches.

Personal Learning Networks - PD when you need it. Stay tuned for more on this topic. So, good to be back. I have been off Twitter for the summer - and my RSS reader needs cleaned. Here we go.........

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