Saturday, September 20, 2008


Collaboration for the 9-14 year olds can be difficult to find. Last year, I mentored a project for this group to exchange cultures and ideas - we had members from around the world. We called the project Classroom Braids. Interlacing lives, culture and learning, Classroom Braids is a metaphor for weaving together lives and cultures.

This year, the collaboration is based on world travel - especially sailing and the Vendee Globe. Dubbed “the Everest of Yacht Racing”, the Vendee Globe is the ultimate in single-handed endurance: around the world, single-handed, non-stop with no assistance from shore.
The Vendee Globe spans 25,000 miles, ~100 days, France to France, leaving Antarctica to starboard, starting in November 2008.
**** Rich Wilson is the ONLY American registered for the 2008 Vendee Globe.
The first race was held in 1989-90, and has been run every four years since the 1992-93 event.
Two sailors have been lost at sea since the race began in 1989, and others have been dramatically rescued.

Rich will be integrating his adventure through SitesAlive.
The ClassroomBraids wiki is going to follow his progress while collaborating on projects related to this travel, cultures and adventure. Our goals are:
* to become familiar with different locations / cultures around the world
* to participate in the Vendee Globe trip with collaborative projects
* to follow-up by creating our own Global Adventure

Wouldn't you like to become part of this exciting endeavor? Join our group, please apply to become a member of this space. Introductions have just opened and will continue through October 15th.

Once you have joined - click the Introduction link - and introduce yourselves to us (teachers, request as many logins as you would like. There is also a teacher wiki for you.)

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