Monday, January 16, 2012

Stupeflix - free minute is an online tool for making videos from images and video clips.  You can add music (or upload) from their library, place a map or text cel into the mix.  Your materials can come from your Picasa, Facebook, Dropbox, Flikr accounts - where most of our materials are stored anyway.
It does cost for any videos over 1 minute - you can have a yearly account or pay by the video which is an interesting concept.
Here are some random items imported from my Facebook account.


Svetlana said...

Hi Sharon, I have just added you to my bloglist. A great blog.

By the way, you Feedjit does not work properly, I am not shown there, the last person is from Canada.

Sharon said...

Thanks Svetlana,
Feedjit seems to miss some people from outside the US. Gets some and misses some.