Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nations Report Card in Reading

Released March 24, 2010 -

You can read the report online, download it and view the Video News Release (being archived at time of this post).
Reading scores up at grade but unchanged at grade 4 since 2007.  Maine showed no significant changes at either grade.  As a matter of fact only 3 states/jurisdictions at grade 4 and nine at grade 8 showed significant changes.
Kentucky showed increases in both grades; Washington D.C. and Rhode Island increased at grade 4 only; Alaska, Iowa and Wyoming decreased at grade 4; Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Utah increased grade 8; and New Mexico decreased at grade 4 and increased at grade 8.

What does it mean?  With the publication of the NETP and the Common Core Standards - are we on the right path?  Should we simply stop testing and start teaching? Does our assessment methods really tell us what students know and can do?  How valuable a tool is the NAEP in producing this Report Card?

Your thoughts?

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