Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Google Guide for Teachers

He has done it again - Richard Byrne put together a great tool for teachers jumping into Google Applications in their classrooms.  A Google Certified Teacher, Richard shares all his wonderful work with the rest of the teaching world.

This guide is posted on both YUDU and DocStoc for your convenience.
Thank you again, Richard!

Richard Byrne's newest Guide

Google for Teachers -

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Mark said...


It might not be the right place to ask this question, but

do you think home tutoring is augmenting the efforts of

school teachers and students themselves in achieving good




Sharon said...

Hi Mark,
I think that homeschooling when done in partnership with schools can be very powerful. Like all endeavors, I have seen great home schooling programs and horrible programs also. There is no good answer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

Perhaps you are right, it has its bright and dark sides. I strongly believe in one thing though that there must be a balance between education and other activities. When I see so many sources of entertainment around these days, I think there has to be something that augments the efforts of schooling and the most prominent answer that comes to my mind is "homeschooling". What do you think?



Sharon said...

You are hitting on something that I believe in quite firmly - education should not be the "total" form of learning and neither should it be the vehicle for all of a child's experiences. I think that we (in America) tend to put every aspect of a child's life under the umbrella of school. I would start with sports - having lived in Europe while my children grew, I can see what a benefit it is to educators to not need to work around the sports schedules for example. And how beneficial it is for a community to be responsible for that part of a child's growth - rather than the ed. system.