Monday, June 29, 2009

Digital Equity Summit

I registered for this summit as I thought it would give me insight and time to collaborate on solutions for the present inequity. Following the overview and introductions some talking points and description of the direction being taken in the US DOE came from Jenelle Leonard.
  • the urgency is now - our children have one chance at education and it can't wait
  • scaling up proven practices
  • promising and innovative strategies
  • no long compliance driven
  • moving toward participatory, inclusionary
  • looking for partners
  • teamwork
  • listening sessions from the bottom up with posted minutes and blogs - then rebrand and continue with what is good and fix what is not

Keynote by Milton Chen, Executive Director of the George Lucas Educational Foundation
described latest launch: What have the young people been doing?
10 multimedia profiles of digital youth - distribute them to "policy makers"
more than 3.5 hours and over 100 web pages "Digital Generation Project"
viewed the overview and a video about Luis - these will become part of my presentations and trainings.  free on iTunes for download
We could certainly download them for ourselves - I would have liked to have some time to work on uses of these films and future directions.

Pearson was the sponsor and their representative discussed their foundation site - videos available on their site
Roundtable of stories of success - we did not have enough time to complete these discussions which I feel is a real shame.  It is great to celebrate and hear news on Digital equity successes, but I really did not feel much progress was made in these hours.
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