Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Speakaboos - Brings Children's books to life

“Speakaboos brings classic children's entertainment into a digital world. Beloved characters and treasured stories are given new life through amazing celebrity performances, beautiful illustrations, and original music. At Speakaboos, children develop literacy skills while learning about technology in a safe and fun environment.”  and it is free!

The graphics on this site are very well done and the students will be enthralled with watching as well as listening. Accompanying the stories, there are guides, worksheets and arts and crafts to expand learning. Kids can make their own recordings to send to their parents! Or, students can record for "reading buddies" in other classes or even other schools!

Teachers and parents should take the Speakaboos Video Tour.
Not only can you listen or project stories for your youngest students, but the site also offers purchasing of tracks and albums.

It is easy to see why this site has been recognized by Publisher's Weekly.Technorati Tags: , ,

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