Monday, January 12, 2009

The Future of Education

This weekend, I was invited to join, a Social network whose purpose is to discuss the course of education and learning in our networked world. 

The first topics are centered around a group of questions given to Carol Broos, one of twelve teachers who have been invited to participate in a round table discussion concerning the direction of education with new Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on Jan 21. She was sent the following questions, and is asking for feedback and ideas. Here are the questions:

1. What is the one most important education issue you wish Secretary Duncan to focus on during his tenure and why?
2. How shall the tenets of the No Child Left Behind act be altered or invigorated? What are its positives? How can its negatives be improved?
3. How should the new administration respond to the nation’s need for better prepared and more qualified teachers?
4. What should the new administration do to increase student engagement in mathematics, the sciences and the arts?
5. How should funding equity issues be addressed?

Personally, I feel these questions are too narrow.  This is the time for real change in education if we hope to lead our children to leadership of the future.  Not tweaking NCLB, but starting a new educational look and feel from the ground up.

I would love your perspectives on the questions and on your "way out" vision for what is truly needed.
Or join the network and post your thoughts there.
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