Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rejection for the Future?

As I read the tweets and posts yesterday announcing the NECC 2009 presentation acceptance and rejection letters , I began to wonder if the rejections of many well known leaders in 21st education wasn't a good omen for the future. Perhaps it indicates that we are winning the battle of bringing more classroom teachers into the "network" of new teaching and learning? I am anxious to see the conference program in February- and am hoping against odds that there are many new names with new ideas.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a newer generation of leaders is emerging and has been selected to 'strut their stuff'?

I look forward to networking my days through EduBloggerCon 2009 on Saturday, June 27th and the area ( all organized through a wiki, where anyone who wants to can present on any topic, thanks Steve Hargadon ). And the invaluable hours in the Bloggers Cafe ( where new ideas, old debates and friendships are forming from morning to night).

But what would really "make my conference special" would be rooms full of educators learning from their peers - presenters whose names we do not know and whose blogs are yet to appear on many readers - presenters who are becoming our new leaders of tomorrow.

Isn't this what we strive for? Rejection for the future!
After all - it is the year of Change.

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Lisa Thumann said...

You make a really great point. New voices - new ideas - bring change. Great perspective. Thanks for sharing.