Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ever wanted to have all your favorite internet sites just one click away and displayed with cool images as your own personal online startpage? Then check out MyClusta.

Thanks to Paul Hamilton who posted a blog on how this tool can enhance learners who benefit from visual supports. It allows you to setup up a start page with visual links to your favorite websites - or, how about links to supporting sites for a particular project?

Students have trouble with organizing (as do al lof us at times) and this tool may assist in giving them the tools they are presently using without a log of clutter.

Here is one I made with the first row filled in - click to make larger:
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Jules Spinner said...

yeah wikked site, much better than those sites that grab a snapshot of your favourite sites because with myclusta you can choose your own images. If you take some care choosing your images by googling the website logo or adding a relevnat image then your startpage starts to look REALLY cool! enjoy!