Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow - thanks WOW2

I feel honored to have been the guest on Women of the Web 2.0 last evening. I have been a long time listener and chatroom participant during their weekly Tuesday evening shows on EdTech Talk. But was quite surprised when they invited me to discuss collaborative projects with them. Trying to expand the boundaries of students in my Maine district is a priority for me. In working toward this, and with the assistance of classroom teachers, I have established several projects. Classroombraids for the intermediate/middle level and Taking Learning Global for the older students. I was a bit nervous about filling a full hour with conversation, but I should have known how quickly it would go by. I greatly enjoyed the discussion from the other side of the table. In a couple of weeks, they will be producing their 100th show - thank you for sticking with this great resource and congratulations!
You can hear the show on EdTechTalk.

Here are some of the WOW links mentioned during the show:
http://www.mysecurecyberspace. com/articles/statistics- trends/children-online- getting-younger-and- continuing-to-take-risks.html# msc.article.statistics.bully_ younger 11/16/opinion/16kristof.html?_ r=2&oref=slogin

http://www.marketingcharts. com/interactive/vast-majority- of-todays-kids-are-online- 6837/?camp=newsletter

Thank you WOW2 -
Jen Wagner, Sharon Peters and Cheri Toledo for the invite and a fabulous 60 minutes.

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