Monday, January 14, 2008

Lurk and Learn

Ever see the Wedding Crashers movie? Well crashing online courses and websites may not get you cake, but the rewards are many. In any one day there are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of online courses and projects occurring in the great cyberspace.
No time to join? Don't really want the pressure of completion and assignments? Then Lurking is for you!!!!!!!

In the atmosphere of sharing and learning, most of these sites are open to browsing by the world. That means, you have access to all the great resources and contacts without any of the pressure. Try it!

During the next 6 weeks - beginning today, Jan. 14, 2008 - Electronic Village Online is running with hundreds of participants from around the world.
These sessions are fabulous with many resources and tools posted for everyone to see and test.
Spend some time lurking around

Especially check out the Webheads.

EduWiki.US has some great sessions.

Open PD is about to start again - I lurked through this one last time

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Sharon said...

Got this link after posting - another great resource:
Informal Learning