Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trailfire - from k12onlineConference

Just finished a presentation on this new tool Trailfire.  What a great way to lead your students through a presentation of websites; or to teach searching; or how to register for a site.

I can imagine so many uses - ready to give it a try.

from their website:

A trail is a collection of web pages, assembled and annotated by any Trailfire member, on just about anything under the sun.

The basic concepts are simple

» "Marks" with the author's comments are placed on any web page.

» Trails are created when multiple marks are given the same name.

» This links the pages together, creating a sequential path for navigating the trail

All over the web, as a Trailfire member, you'll see this Trailfire icon marking a trail. Mouse over the icon to open the mark and enter the trail.

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