Friday, March 09, 2007

Here comes Spring!

The theme of Spring is always welcome following the late winter doldrums. Never more so, than this year with the record breaking cold and strong winds.
Last year, I did a share on the Equinox which you may want to revisit. This season has me thinking of the sweet smell of flowers. Some resources for you:
Structure of a Flower - webquest for 2-3 grades

Flower Power - for 3rd grade

Gardening with Children

Children learn about the spring season as they sing this sensory song from Nicole H. Springtime Song (Tune: Did you ever see a Lassie?)
My eyes can see it springtime, it's springtime, its springtime.
My eyes can see it springtime, the grass is so green!
The green grass, the flowers, the sunshine and showers.
My eyes can see it's springtime, and I am so glad.

My ears can hear its springtime, its spring time, its springtime.
My ears can hears its springtime, the birds sweetly sing.
The birds sing, the lambs bleat the frogs croak, the bees buzz.
My ears can hear it's springtime, and I am so glad!

My body can feel its springtime, it's springtime, it's springtime.
My body can feel it's springtime, the air is so warm.
The warm air, the breezes, no frost and no freezes.
My body can feel it's springtime, and I am so glad

Spring is when the time changes - learn about Time:
A Web Exhibit on Daylight Savings Time

World Time Zone map

Learn to tell time

A history of time

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