Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Cat in the Hat Turns 50!

picture: Dr. Seuss at his desk.
Photo credit: Dr. Seuss Enterprises, LP

Begin -- Read the story aloud.

Part 1:

What was Dr. Seuss's real name?
When was Dr. Seuss's date of birth?
He was born in what city and state?
When he was growing up, his mother often soothed her children to sleep by ... (finish this sentence)
Who does Dr. Seuss credit for his rhyming and writing abilities?

Part 2:
Go to Connect the Dots. Click on The Cat in the Hat.
Print two copies of Connect the Dots with the Cat in the Hat.
Write your names on the papers, connect the dots, and put your papers in your folder.

catPart 3:
# Discuss "home" rules for being at home when parents are gone. Do all your students know their addresses in case an emergency occurs while they are there alone?
# List things you can do on rainy days in the house.
# Count and list objects that the cat can balance. Have a relay race balancing an eraser on the heads of students.
# Would the story be different if the Cat in the Hat told it? Write it from his perspective.
# Ask students to design a machine that would clean up their rooms

Part 4:
Jigsaw puzzle resource:
Have the children put the puzzle together online.

Part 5:
Coloring a hat and Writing a poem -
Print out the files for the children to complete

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