Friday, July 20, 2012

Shining with Chrome

Firefox has been crashing on me a lot lately (to be fair, I read that they will try to alleviate some of this in version 15).  But due to the lack of stability, I decided to move entirely to Chrome.  I must say that being an iPad user for about half the time, Chrome is proving to be invaluable.  After clearing all my google / chrome connections and starting over with a sync setup on my main machine, I installed the iPad version and logged in on the mobile device.

WaLA! all my bookmarks, and active tabs were there - homepage, form fills etc.  Genius. Now to install it on my Amazon Fire since it is available for Android on Google Play.

So, I will be watching for the version upgrade to firefox, but it will take a lot to bring me back, Mozilla.

Chrome for iPad:
Chrome for Android:

and if you are game, Firefox Alpha:

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