Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally - Docs are Synced

Just finished syncing my Google Docs with both my laptop and my desktop.  This is a fantastic product and I am lovin' it.  I can see where it fills that gap missing from my Dropbox account. 
Syncdocs - Simply select a folder on your PC, like “My Documents”, and Syncdocs copies it online and across all your computers, automatically. This folder is then kept in sync.
Or you can map a drive directly to the share.

Syncdocs integrates right into your desktop opening your files in Google Docs.  It is a small download and so far has not drawn my CPU power.  I have extensive files and it took awhile to sync the first time (especially when the laptop went to sleep overnight).  But, now it is done and I am really loving it.  You can even right click a file and "open in your docs" - it has really integrated the process.

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