Sunday, March 20, 2011

Usable Links from Google Day at Yarmouth

I was privileged to visit Yarmouth, Maine School System and assist in their Move to Google Day on Friday.  The day ended with suggested links for tools outside of their Google theme. I want to share my contributions here.  Several have been blogged previously.
If you can find it, you can embed it!

Tell a story from current events using Twitter, Youtube and more - my example is linked above.
Live blogging easily and continuous as needed
Organizing web resources

Zipcast - changing the way the world conducts meetings
Have you ever wished you could jump into an online meeting from anywhere? Or wanted to start meetings instantly? Well, guess what, now you can.  No need to download software or wait five minutes for a meeting to start. Open your browser and with one click you’re in a Zipcast meeting.

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