Friday, October 15, 2010

Collaborative Keynote - Angela Maiers and Vicki Davis


#actem10 Vicki Davis and Angela Maiers - double perfection for our keynote. Let's get rid of "CAN'T"

If we all say "I can change me", we can change the world. Can begins with focus!
10 things we can do
1 - Change the Conversation
How inspiring words from leaders and teachers an be. Your conversation, your terms, your speech can lead the students into a learning culture. Move kids from a simple mindset to a contribution mindset. Refer to book, "Linchpin" (You are a genius and the world needs your contribution) by Seth Godin. One sentence can change a life

2 - Walk the Talk
Our conversation as teachers is far too heavy on the teachers - we need to be the learner.

3 - Start with Why
You can Fail - if you don't fail every day, you are not learning
- You can start your work everyday with "Why" - implementing change needs to start with Why. The How and the What are a piece of cake
A lesson plan framework
W - what excites me; why do this
H - how do I get / stay good
Y - YES, I can do this - how do you get each learner to reach this level
S - strategies / struggles - how to keep us at the Yes

4 - One Small Thing
You can start small - its often the small things that make learning happen
the arrangement of desks / tables in a room
a leader needs to coordinate the small stuff.

5 - Dispense Hope
Anybody can deliver Content - but deliver it in a way that dispenses hope
reference "Delivering Happiness" by Zappos

6 - Connect
Teachers connecting - connect students
referenced "Bit LIteracy" by Mark Hurst
Connect yourself with people and it will rub off.
Its not about 21st skills - its about 21st Century Connections
When students have an audienfe, students are more engaged.
It's not about what you are keeping out, its about what you are bringing in.
Learn something new every day. Embed your learning
Learning helps you get away from fear False - Evidence - Appearing - Real

7 - I Can care about myself and others
Remember exercise produces brain power.
the question - "If people mirror you, what will they look like?"

8 - Leaders can be the obstacle or be the obstacle

9 - I can Converse about Digital Citizenship

10 -Can improve everyday
Now, list your big 3

The voice of the students - What can you do everyday? If you could do anything. Angela asked over 400 students. Their answers;
I want to know that you care about me
More books, more knowledge, want to know I matter and my voice matters
They want a reason to come to school - they want to come and hope that someone notices


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