Sunday, March 07, 2010

National Education Technology Plan

National Education Technology Plan — The draft National Education Technology Plan (NETP) was released March 5, 2010. It provides the context and vision for how information and communication technologies can help transform American education. The plan provides a set of concrete goals to inform state and local educational technology plans, as well as recommendations to inspire research, development, and innovation.

The 5 goals:

  1. The first goal is learning—creating more effective and engaging learning experiences for all students. 
  2. The second goal is assessment—measuring what matters in ways that add to rather than detract from the learning experience. 
  3. Third, teaching—connecting teachers to the tools, resources, experts and peers they need to be highly effective and feel supported. 
  4. The fourth goal has to do with infrastructure.
  5. The fifth and final goal in the technology plan is productivity. 
I am pleased to read the committment to Open Education Standards and Personal Learning Networks.
Emphasis on mobility and accessibility as well as the requirement to prepare teachers for full integration and implementation of technology through their curricula sounds great.  How will we accomplish this?
Should time be put into teachers instead of students?
How do we evolve into a non-classroom teaching digital content, digital citizenship in authentic / project based learning?

You decide:
exec. summary:
Sec. Duncan's speech  -

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