Friday, October 16, 2009

Marco Torres Keynote Maine Ed 2009

Some notes from my tweets and the keynote:
Marco Torres - keynote ACTEM 2009

Augusta, ME - all the way from California, Marco got started commenting about requests from Maine friends for particular demos.

You must stay in the question. You can't figure solution without knowing the question.

If its a "how to" question - just look it up.

Why not use music to teach math? more cross curriculum is needed. Fractions, Physics, etc.
Short teacher PD with student showcases - lunch bytes

Can I show why some notes are scary? show they are most dissonant - more science and math

assignment idea - write music to great speeches M Torres
use only a keys - etc.

the entry points of learning if we just collaborated

What does "an educated kid" mean?

stay sane - not 50 students, but 51 learners M Torres

the teacher - learner concept is changing

technology can bring people together

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