Monday, June 22, 2009

Can it be summer

My email signature for the last month has been: I've got so much to do, I'm getting nothing done.
It seems posting to this blog has fallen into that category.  Over the summer, it always goes a bit quiet, but I had planned several posts that just did not get finished before the teachers and students left on their well deserved break.  So, just a simple update on the next month.
This week, is FOSSED - a gathering that has expanded from 5 open source dreamers into an national (even international 3 days).  I am looking forward to my two days presenting - Motivating with Web 2.0 tools and Mahara ePortfolios (co-presenting with Thomas Steele-Maley).
Saturday begins the NECC09 adventure - bus from Maine to DC
I have 3 scheduled presentations - all informal this year - 2 in NECCunplugged (Mahara and Open1to1) and the 3rd a Birds of a Feather.  This is one of my favorite times to renew old friendships and make new.
Following a short vacation, I am back to DC for the NCES Forum and Conference at the end of July.  I am very impressed with the organizers of this conference.  Last week I had email and a phone call from a "mentor" to help me with my first year as the representative from Maine local districts.

Of course, there are the two weeks of Technology Bootcamps with the teachers in my district.  They are so enthusiastic - it helps to motivate me into the next year.
Hope you all have a great summer, too.

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