Monday, April 27, 2009

Final thought on "The Game of School"

I have finished this book and am trying to absorb all it said to me. Here are a few thoughts from the final two chapters.

Chapter 6 -
Getting Stuck is a chapter about moving out of the game and into authentic learning. The most powerful part of the chapter was the "quiz", Fried's Joy and Misery Index for Educators (page 167).
Although I am no longer directly in classroom instruction, I registered my scores. I am happy to say that I am not a lost cause. I do see a way into authentic learning in our schools.

Chapter 7 -
No Time to Waste certainly says it all in the title. I was very impressed with the idea of teachers being required to address themselves directly to their students. The examples from pre-teacher students were motivating to me as I found myself wishing I could participate in their units. "Authentic learning is within our reach." (page 184)

If we can connect learning to learner, we can succeed. Just realizing that it is many times just a game, is a great start.

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This is a school that may actually be breaking the game: