Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's happening now!

My hair grew .0005 inch in the last second - that is what the new NOW page from Sprint just told me.  I picked up the link on Twitter and have found the running totals and bits of RSS information to be absolutely fascinating.
I believe that you could start unbelievable conversations with students by grouping them and having them discuss any portion of this page.  Why?  Can it be?  Is this a good thing or bad thing? Are these facts true?  Then have them blog their group thoughts.

Just compared the two Twitter clients, SPAZ and Twhirl - I was fascinated to see they are close to equal. 
See if it grabs you too!  Whoa, dogs just beat cats!

Oh yea - only 44276667 more seconds til Doughnut day - at least there were when I typed this.
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