Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jong Zhao - followup at NHSTE

Followup from Jong Zhao's Keynote at CMTC

what should we be learning?
there is no reason to mandate learning styles
dictated curriculum
dictated learning styles
dictated instructional approaches
dictated pace

Students aren't engaged because we don't have standards - this movement has driven more students out of school.
21st Century:

Where technology can help
Student voice

We don't teach how to be critics - anonymity is important at times
technology can keep from teaching to the middle by assisting with personalization.
Reflect on fragmentation in your teaching process.

9 gateways to personalized learning -

Schools as global enterprises
global products
Global resources
Global audiences

Eduational for a global citizenship -

emersion - dual culture / language / teaching systems

To do:
From consuming to creating
From following to leading

Never send a machine to do a mans job (Matrix)

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