Thursday, October 16, 2008

Network and Communities

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
Networks and Communities

Session on Thursday afternoon in Augusta, ME

Sheryl allows all her resources to be used by anyone. She links each conference to this site.
from her session page:
How do we promote the knowledge, skills and sense of urgency for 21st Century teaching and learning among all teachers in our schools? As the physical and virtual worlds converge to become the 'real world' of teaching and learning, virtual exchanges, online mentoring and other
Web-based environments will play increasingly important roles in educational reform.
The presenter will share "lessons learned" from her seven years of experience in designing and leading virtual communities of practice. Participants will develop their own communities of practice using common Web 2.0 tools and hear recommendations on the roles within a community including that of community organizer. Tools to be discussed include: Twitter, Delicious, wikis, Skype, Elluminate and several community platform sites such as NING, TappedIN, and SchoolNet's Global Net.

This is so exciting - it is an extension of my presentation tomorrow on developing your own personal network. I never thought about adding sites like (which I use) as part of my own PLN. One of her goals of the presentation is for each of us to change at least one that things - I have already accomplished that! thank you, Sheryl.

A great continuum for 21st century learners - how to rate yourself (developed by Sheryl):

Very interactive - posting intros to a blog with comments to others. Now, chunk up and discuss your experiences with PLNs and Comm. of practice. Not a great portion for video, but for participants.
What is community and what is networking - are they the same? are they different?
community - more informal - connected - group with something shared - interdependancy - outside in network - narrower - specific purpose - niche - refined - inside out
Groups, networks, communities are emerging ideas.
Her favorite definition came from Wikipedia: The proces of social learning that occurs when people who have a common interest in some subject or problem collaborate over an extended period to share ideas, find solutions, and build innovations.

Could use of these tools and networks depend on your personal learning style?
Teachers are obligated to teach these skills - regardless of their personal usage.
from Clay Shirky
  • Share
  • Cooperate
  • Collaborate here you start to see education change
  • Collective Action POSITIVE CHANGE

Now this is a great blog and story about networking!
check out the wiki for links to some of Sheryl's projects - very interesting.

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