Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leadership Forum

Leadership Forum CoSN consortium for School Networking
First Maine leadership forum.
Keith Kruger, Chief Executive Officer
Sheryl Abshire, PH.D Chair & Chief Technology Officer

Where are we in technology across the world? Big Trends
A trip around the world via slide presentation -
Asia study of 30 countries 2001 - conclusion integration of ICT in subjects has been weak
Europe - 2006 conclusion most are in early phase of adoption
Nordic countries - 2006 conclusion positive impact on learning, but not fully utilized; moderate influence on pedagogy
UK - 2007 conclusion personalized learning through technology is key route to educational improvementand high level of technology will dramatically improve performance with right support and enthusiasm for support
US - 2006 meta-study conclusion Technology advocates overly promised the change; with appropriate vision and adequate PD, technology can be a transformative powerful tool.

Final analysis - in most places, classroom have not seen much impact on teaching and learning; has been transformative with vision and support.

Where are we in US today?
63% teachers say their tech skills are somewhat advanced or advanced however, the average teacher is using email and internet research (web 1.0) not changing teaching
---------- Is Maine different? ----------------
students feel differently (Project SpeakUp) - the typical classrom doesn't reflect the rich technology

they enjoy outside of school. They express growing frustration and feel their schools are

50% of students 3-12 would like to see more educational gaming
53% 7-12 are excited about mobile devices for learning
both of these rate about 15% positive among leaders

Students are much more excited about online learning than either parents or teachers.
What word describes this? Disconnect

Interesting finding - in business after they reengineered their process of usage, tehnology begain to have large positive impact on productivity.

His conclusion - we must rethink the pedagogy of teaching

How did we get here?
- infrastructure
- supporting and enabling applications
- transforming applications - technology must become horizontal embedded in everything we do.
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Leadership provides a critical bridge between educational reform and student learning (Wallace

Foundation) How to engage these leaders? check

Leadership themes: raise 21st century skills, ransform pedagogy, more balanced assessment

Why raise the bar with 21st centurey skills?
US students are not keeping up with International peers
US graduates aren't ready for work or higher ed
Interest in improving rigor and relevance for all students
Support for new knowledge/skills not covered by core subjects

88% voters feel schools need to incorporate these skills
99% feel it is important to country's economic success that students learn these skills
74% of voters want there to be at least equal emphasis on 21st century skills vs. basic skills

Framework for 21st century skills - Maine is a partnership state

CoSN has many interesting initiatives - worth a look!
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