Friday, October 31, 2008

Catch-up Friday

I have a really bad habit of going through magazines - noting and removing all the links and articles that I am going to read, lookup, and use. They dutifully go into a pile on the corner of my desk. As of today, I can barely see around the pile and it is rapidly intruding on the small work area left. So - catch up day!

Here are some gems from the stack with little to no notation:
1. Etiquette
2. Communicaiton
3. Literacy
4. Access
5. Commerce
6. Law
7. Rights and Resposibilities
8. Health and Wellness
9. Security

  • Mathcasts - Voicethread, screencast-o-matic, tablet PCs, Jing, sharing through wiki, blog
  • Who said it? "You can be a Nobel Laureate and not qualify to teach in most public schools today."?

from What's up with Finland?" Aug 2008, Administr@tor:
  1. avoids high-stakes tests
  2. near absence of poverty
  3. socialized medicine
  4. much more educational funding
  5. free school lunches,
  6. preschool and colege free
  7. fluency with languages - most students know 3
  8. a large degree of respect and trust for teachers (only 1 or 8 applicants become teachers)
  9. no school sports teams, no marching band, no school busing
  10. no internet filtering
  11. no 1-1, just technology where and when needed
  12. focus less on data-driven and more on differentiated instruction
  13. loosened national curriculum with more teacher control
  14. students start at 7 and complete secondary school around 16. Then they go to either vocational or upper secondary (about half each direction)

reminder to self - revisit:

So - the pile is now down to eye level, major move forward. Now, just to find time to visit those URLs I listed..............
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