Monday, June 30, 2008

Web 2.0 panel notes

just some notes from the Web 2.0 in the Classroom panel:

Steve Hargadon is having a hard time with no mic - but here it

comes. Started with shoutouts of on-going web 2.0

Google, Voicethread, wikis, blogs

Be sure to visit
has a discussion thread for this discussion under the

session title.

what is web 2.0 and how can we use it

platform (travelocity)
collective intelligence (wikipedia)
wisdom of crowds (YouTube)
Data as the "intel" inside (Amazon)
end of software release cycle
loosely coupled systems (netvibes)
software eyond a single device (facebook)
rich use experience (swivel)

from TIm O'Reilly "What is web 2.0?"

It's active not passive
Read / Write
collaborative will unlock the future - here is how we

teach this.
We can be the accelerators or the delay agents.

We try to ban not arm our students - why? teachers are

not involved themselves. Students have no fear of

messing something up - "Hey, what does this do"?
No one wants to be the first penguin off the rock.

Also need to show parents everything that students are doing and learning via online tools.

Discussing what made them know web 2.0 panel was the thing! Can you think of what made you take the plunge?

These tools are transformation to publish, access, collaborate, compete - we must teach our students this.
I find it hard to blog and twitter and also follow the back channel - need to practise.

On to the practical - philosophical discussion is great, but many are looking for actual examples.

Where do we start?
connections - teachers to become connected
Rushton - as an
There goes my battery - I am bummed.

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