Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Every word interactive

A basic function of Hyperwords is to select text on a web page into get other information about the text. You are no longer restricted to following only the links others have made for you.

Selecting text is simple: either double-click on a word, double-click between two words (like in a name) to select both, or stripe/drag-select a larger selection of text.

If for some reason you want to find out who the prime minister of Kazakhstan is, just select Kazakhstan and select 'References' from the menu that pops up and then select 'Wikipedia' from the sub-menu.

You should now be seeing the Wikipedia entry open in a new window to the left of your main window.

You can even get the result right inside the menu, just hover over 'Wikipedia' (or any other reference or many searches, such as 'people' or 'pictures').

Test it out here

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