Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christa McAuliffe Day 3 - Thinking Big

Christa Technology Conference - Day 3 - Thinking Big

The final day of a nice Conference begins with a Keynote by Hall Davidson.
Hall joined the Discovery Educator Network team in 2005 after serving as the Director of Education Television Services for KOCE-TV for 15 years, where he produced programming for K-14. Prior to his years with KOCE-TV, he taught middle and high school English, mathematics, Spanish, and electives. He has served as a technology advisor for software manufacturers, commercial and PBS broadcasters, for organizations including the California School Library Association and Technology for Results in Elementary Education; and been part in numerous technology education task forces and committees. At Discovery Learning, Hall focuses on creating blogs and webinars and develops educational partnerships.

He serves as adjunct faculty on two California colleges teaching technology for teaching credential candidates. He is past president of Video-Using Educators, and serves on the board for Computer-Using Educators (CUE), the largest technology user group in the western United States.

For a dozen years he coordinated the nation’s oldest student media festival, the California Student Media Festival and has reviewed over a thousand student projects. He has keynoted most major technology conferences and consulted for professional organizations and corporations, including global media companies, and published in a number of national publications. He has two children who attended Los Angeles public schools, one of whom is now at the University of California. He was re-elected as site chairperson at the local elementary school where the budget requires his signature.

More information is available at the Discovery Education website Or at Hall’s own website.

This Keynote will be posted as a full video at New Hampshire Public Television (they tell me by this afternoon) .

I am interested in hearing Hall since I became a Discovery Education Network Leader (DEN member).

Web tools tools and content creation are real now in workplaces. When are we going to "start to prepare our students for the work force"? Does Second Life have an application in school - how about replacement of Halloween costumes? Parties that are no longer allowed in schools - but virtually, why not? Could this be the way to introduce students to use of virtual worlds? The kids are ready - Club Penguin (Disney) starts them off as youngsters (below middle school age).

The distance between imagination and reality is shrinking! Want to be introduced to your airline flightmate - try AirTroductions.

Google Mobile to use text messaging through Google - meet singles through your cell phone. Just think about something whimsical - it could be online tomorrow.

Challenge from Hall - make pay in education increase instead of decrease as you get closer to students. This should become our mantra - how about in your signature?

Using technology to assist us now. Texting when trouble on the road - avoid jams. We need to innovate at the speed of technology. We are not going to prepare our students by only asking questions that all have answers. There are a million teachable moments if we only take the opportunities. How do we start?
Use what is in their pockets -
mp3 players and use iTunes as your organizer. produce your lessons and reviews; record student presentations;

language learners; chemistry concepts; oral learners; behavior problems; streaming library (Discovery education library will all fit on the new iPod). iTunes University - wow!
There are iTune classes online from Harvard, MIT and more.

Social Networking - these get more links than Google now. People are social learners and we should use this. User sites are redefining celebrities - why not have them redefine education? Make the educational world smaller.

What happens at the hyphen? K - 12?

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