Friday, October 12, 2007

Non-connected web 2.0

Reflections on a Google presentation without internet.

My ACTEM presentation is over - quite an experience since the internet was not available and we were demoted to a web -0.2 system of presentation.

I always zip my presentation to have a local copy - but, this time the hour was to be collaborative with embeds and sharing. So, like an amateur, I depended on connectivity - which, it turned out, was non-existant.

What happened - Wing it! We had a F2F discussion of the Google tools and I passed around my email and weblinks.

I just hope everyone contacts me in the next week or so. Joins me in Ning (everyone is welcome) at Newlearning - We can then have a "distant conversation" and perhaps use Google tools to do so.

You can see some of the presentation (release date - Monday, October 16, 2007) at K12onlineconference.

THANK YOU PARTICIPANTS - I appreciate the fact that you didn't all run out the door.

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