Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm It - been tagged.

So, I've been tagged - Cheryl Oakes, a great friend and fellow technology nerd, tagged me last evening. What does that mean? In a better attempt for you to get to know me better I'm to "reveal" five things about myself that you otherwise wouldn't know from reading this blog. Here goes some personal items:

So, here goes:
1. My husband and I are building a passive solar bermed home in the "hills" of Maine and its progress is documented in one of my other blogs, BettsBerm.
2. My 3rd love after family and educational technology is my leonberger dogs. (they may even come above technology some days). Leonbergers are giant breed hairy lovable beasts. Their adventures and pictures are linked from my family site.
3. Web 2.0 and opensource in education are my obsessions - I will be presenting on them at NECC07 this year and hope to meet many of the bloggers that I have befriended online. I will also take part in an opensource panel headed by Steve Hargadon in Atlanta.
4. I'm struggling to complete the Webcast Academy - if anyone could be my tutor, let me know. This is a real challenge, but I hope to complete the "requirements" this month.
5. Dreams: finding time to write and publish; whittling my blogs down to one; traveling back to Iran (where I spent my Peace Corps years); retiring....

Tag, you are it (if you've already been tagged - pass on the method. I love the GoogleEarth MeME from Lucy Gray) David Trask, Rachel Jeffares, Pam Shoemaker, Michael Richards, Bob Carroll (are you still blogging?)


mrichme said...


I've responded to my tag on my blog if you are interested.

DanitaRussell said...


Loved your Leonberger babies! I hadn't heard of that breed before. My babies are a St. Bernard and a Cocker Spaniel. It seems our loves are in the same order, family, ed tech and my "babies". You can see their picture with Santa at my blog:

Thanks for a great post!

Cheryl Oakes said...

Sharon, thanks for the great information about you. I would be happy to help with the webcasting! I can only claim to be 16 weeks ahead of you, but I can try.
Email and we can work on a time.