Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's the future?

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Early last month, I read an article on PBS TeacherSource that got me thinking. It was about the new Cyber-course being offered at Harvard. This course incorporates Moodle, 2nd Life as well as many other web 2.0 tools into a virtual conglomeration of learning.

Andy Carver says in his introduction: While there is no shortage of educators experimenting with interactive tools like blogging, wikis, immersive virtual environments and the like, Harvard Law School’s CyberOne course is throwing the entire Web 2.0 playbook at one group of very eager students.

Any ideas on how we can prepare for a future like this?

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Anonymous said...

Sharon, you are so right about where we should be headed.

How many of us have been involved with k12onlineconference?

It is a free online conference, and the 24 hour event When Night
Falls is happening around the globe today at 12 am GMT.

Another great venue is take a Webheads online FREE class. It is
offered in Jan. 2007 and goes 6 weeks into Feb. It is a fast paced,
very quick, learn a new Web 2.0 tool each day. Need more information
read my article at TechLearning.

The address for 2005 is here, and you can see what it looks like.

Check out for the latest in webcasting, drupal,
and conversations around and about the planet. Alice Barr and I took
a webcast academy class this summer, it is FREE. Sharon, you are
involved now, right?

Finally, as part of Worldbridges, or the Webheads, join in a meeting
at SL Second Life. As you suggest, the implications are incredible.
So far I have mastered flying, but I fall flat when I land, I can sit
on a chair for a conversation, but I climb over the back to get off
and move, I can open doors, and each time I go I learn something new.
What I like about second life is how unique and engaging it is. I
don't like that I can't speak but have to chat with others, so I
usually Skype with my friend who are there.

Well, this is one direction I think we need to be going.
Cheryl Oakes

Sharon said...

This topic is further discussed by members of ACTEM (Maine Tech Educators) at their blog: