Sunday, October 08, 2006

MainEd Session Blogs

2 Cents Worth » Upcoming Maine Conference

David Warlick just blogged about his upcoming Maine conference. I would like to compile any session blogs that are done for my teachers. If you blog a session, would you please send me your posting URL - if you just "take digital notes" and don't have your own blog, would you send me the notes and I will post them also.

If you tag - please use MainEd06

Thanks, Sharon

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David Warlick said...

Sharon, I am aggregating blogs and flickr pictures from the Maine conference at Hitchhikr. The URL for the ACTEM Hitchhikr page is:

mrichme said...

Sharon, it sounds like a call to all SEEDlings to me.

I hope to do my part to spread the wealth of knowledge among the collective body.