Thursday, July 06, 2006

Award Winning Digital Photography Projects for the Classroom
Dr. Arnie Abrams, Southern Oregon University, presenter
Thursday 12:30 pm
Sharon Betts, Educational Technology Coordinator Maine School Adminstrative District 52

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This session should be a great supplement to the Digital Storytelling information I gleaned yesterday. Digital cameras have become so inexpensive, they can no longer be considered a luxury, but a necessary tool for every classroom. My hope is to be able to document project ideas for my teachers to use next year with their students. The audience is gathering, the slide show is up and we are ready to go.

Just spoke with another attendee and got a lead on a new camera (video and stills) that her husband got a special on in the exhibit hall. After this session, I am off to check that out as I need a new camera. NECC is good for so very much.

Session is starting.....

Pictures are creative and inspirational - how can we integrate that into the curriculum?
Are pictures just additives to lessons or can they really transform learning? Dr Abrams mentioned that photography can be used in nearly all subjects, are extremely helpful for visual learning and can be used to directly meet Nets Standards.
Cross Curricular Projects:
The week that was -- a student documents what happens during a week in class. These are all combined for a yearbook or movie of the year. This can be used for remembrances or as introduction to the next years' students.
Research paper - final projects turned in digitally (presentations, stories,websites)

Tips from Dr Abrams
Teach digital photography through assignments. Children learn best with direction but freedom to learn.
Teach digital ethics while working with assignments. Manipulating images to "alter the truth".
Be authentic with assignments - make an instructional manual with 6 images which another student can then complete.
Teach Phoetry - combine a poem with photography

If I had to describe this session in one sentence, it would be, "A plethora of ideas for using pictures in your classrooms." So many ideas were presented that every teacher in the room certainly went out with multiple projects bouncing around in their heads. If the reader would like to hear some of these, she should visit before the summer ends.

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Sharon said...

Dear Sharon,

Thanks so much for the blogging at the conference. I am unable to attend the conference this year and am thrilled to be able to attend "electronically"! Every session I thought - wow love to hear that - you have managed to attend for me. Digital photography is a great way to enhance what is going on in the classroom. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication -
from one Sharon to another -
Sharon from Alabama

Sharon said...

You are very welcome. I just loved to do this and am very happy that David organized the tagging scheme. What a way to communicate.