Monday, May 22, 2006

Mash 'em

Mash-Ups Tools

We aren't talking potatoes here (although there is a great program called Hot Potatoes free for education -- but that's another posting).
What's a mashup? from Wikipedia: a Web site or Web aplication that combines content from more than one source.

The newest fad is using Google's many aspects and mashing them! or Using Google Maps with other relevant information. Here are some interesting examples that can have educational uses:

Gmaps Pedometer ( This site can be used to visually map a walking route.

Google Planimeter ( Measures areas - just click on three points and it computes the area -- more points expands the space.

YourGMap ( allows you to identify your locations and create a map with comments.

Earthquakes in the Last Week ( shows earthquakes of 2.0 or greater and links to many activities.

Join in -- at Green Projects ( you can post your green building.

Just for fun -- here is a page all about maps and Da Vinci Code -- huh??

Make your own! You can go to Google Earth and post links to videos, pictures, and even sound files at specific locations on the globe. United Streaming is a great resource for these items. Help your students with world geography, by associating the location with your curriculum.
Want to know how? email me.

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